Recital Instructions:


1. Application fee is $5 per performer, including, in the case of ensembles, siblings and friends and relatives.  Parents are exempt from the fee.

2. Make check for total student fees payable to BCAPT.  Only checks from teachers will be accepted.  Checks are due 1 week prior to recital, and sent to recital chairperson handling the recital your students will be attending.  If you have students attending both days/locations, then you need to send 2 separate checks. No refunds.  

3.  Applications are due 2 weeks prior to the recital.  Applications may be sent via website ( or this attached copy.  To avoid misunderstandings, and mistakes, only student information USING THIS APPLICATION or the WEBSITE APPLICATION will be accepted.

4.  For a professional looking program, please include full composition information, such as Opus, K, BWV etc.   If the piece is arranged, include the arranger's name.

5. No limit on the amount of students.  Each teacher may send multiple students. For multiple students, fill out complete teacher information on the first application, then just teacher name on subsequent applications.

6.  Students may play up to 3 compositions.  However, so that we can include all the students who want to participate, teachers need to limit their students to 5 minutes each.  Exceptions will be considered depending on time restraints.

7.  The BCAPT Release of Liability form is available in the Directory, and on the website.  Each student must have a signed form in order to participate. Siblings may be on the same form. Note: Form must be on file with Lorrie Ksiazek prior to the recital.

8.  A piano recital is a formal event. Please have students dress appropriately.

                                                                                                   Rev. 3/18

Ensemble Recital:

Two pianos will be available.  In addition to piano ensembles such as duet, duo,trio and quartet, since many of our piano students sing or play other instruments they may perform with piano accompaniment.  To encourage inclusive performance experiences, non-piano students (such as teachers, parents and siblings) will also be allowed to participate.  Because we want to emphasize the piano’s role in ensembles, each group must include piano accompaniment and there must be at least one piano student per each performance.

Note:  For ensemble application please submit 1 application per composition(s) including all participating student's names.

Recital Date__________________  Recital Location_________________________


Student______________________________     Age______  Level______________

Preferred afternoon recital time: (designate first and second choice)

                                                              Early_______ Mid______ Late______________

1.  Composition______________________________________________________


     Composer__________________________Time_____ Source_______________

2.  Composition______________________________________________________

     Composer__________________________Time_____ Source_______________

3.  Composition _____________________________________________________


Total Number of Students_____ Total Time (round up to nearest minute) ________

Total Fees _____

If composition is an ensemble, please specify whether a:

_____ Duet (1 piano, 4 hands)  _____Duo (2 pianos, 4 hands)  _____Trio (1 piano, 6 hands)

_____ Quartet, 2 pianos 8 hands  _____Other: specify _______________________________

Please note name of pianists, instrumental, vocal, other performers.


For ensemble applications, please submit 1 application per composition, including all

participating student's names. There must be at least 1 piano student per performance.  

Non-piano students may participate in the ensemble.

If you are playing with your student, please designate how you would like your name to

appear in the program.


Bucks County Piano Recital Application

(Print and Mail Version)